Hi, I'm looking for a reliable bass for around 500$ The problem is finding one to match my style. I'm not exactly sure what I would be looking for. I most play metal/thrash metal and I would like to know if anyone could point me to the direction of a good bass.
Too vague. Give some examples of what players/tones you like and some basses you've played and liked.
Bass guitar models don't lend themselves to certain genres like electric guitars tend to do. For example people use MusicMan Stingrays for pretty much anything and everything.
I was in this predicement a few months ago I found myself going for these brands
ESP, Ibanez, B.C. Rich

IN THE END I went for an Active P Deluxe Precision bass, these basses are brilliant they cover pretty much every genre of music and deliver awesomeness in every way. I suggest a Standard P bass you can probably get one for $500

(I'm not sure on the price scaling on the Fender website they show the price of the bass $200 more than it actually is, I got my Deluxe Active P Bass for $770 though the site says $900 or so.)

yeah I play metalcore stuff so it might not be the same but I trust Fender Basses all the way.
I am new to this so i dont know much... I am going to start taking bass lessons and I was thinking that Fender Squier Affinity P-bass is the right choice.. I cant afford a more expensive bass either.
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Every common type of bass (well except maybe a hoffner) has been used in Metal so that's not going to help you narrow your choices. If you genuinely have no idea go to a big chain music store and try out as many different types of basses as you can. You'll probably find a style or brand that you like best. And whatever it is, you can make it play metal/thrash.

The Squier Vintage Modified series of basses are excellent deals. Find one used and in decent condition you'll drop ~200 for it. I know bassists saying these are much better than entry level Mexican made Fenders. I have the VM Jaguar. It's a seriously cool bass.

I would say the most versatile bass you can get relatively cheaply is a P/J configured bass. It can cover a wide range of tones.
I have always played BC Rich when it comes to basses, and for the price range you are in you can get a sweet looking bass from BC Rich.
I'll recommend ESP and Ibanez. Both good, but different. Also, do consider a 5 string bass. Finally, a jazz bass might also suit.
You will likely be down tuning. Having a versatile 5 string is nice.
You may want a bass that was built for performance, one with a thin neck.
You may want a bass with a signature aggressive growl.
You may want a bass with a clean signal that will just cut through the mix of heavy guitars and drums.
Your budget is 500 bucks.

With that being said. I suggest:
Ibanez SR405 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ibanez-SR405QM-SR-Five-String-Quilted-Maple-Top-Electric-Bass-Guitar-Bundle-/220919942744?pt=Guitar&hash=item336fdace58
Warwick Streamer Rockbass 5 String http://www.ebay.com/itm/Warwick-Streamer-Rockbass-Standard-5-String-Electric-Bass-Guitar-Burgundy-Red-/300644419792?pt=Guitar&hash=item45ffcdc8d0
A used MIM Fender Jazz http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fender-Jazz-Bass-Deluxe-series-MIM-2007-noiseless-pickups-/270884217065?pt=Guitar&hash=item3f11f520e9

I've never played a Streamer but I assume there are similar characteristics to the Corvette.
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