Pretty solid riffs you have there. Keep playing with them and don't let your mind hold you back. Don't think "this is too simple". A lot of good songs are simple. As you get better and play more you'll think of new things you could do with those riffs
First one: Nice thrashy riffs here. You're getting on well for 11 months of playing. Next step of course is to record it with bass and drums and make in into a full length song.

Second one: Nice clean intro. Riffs will work well with vocals over them as they are reasonably simple, with a nice rhythm. Maybe got kinda repetitive towards the end, but obviously would be more interesting when vocals etc are added.

Anyway you seems to be getting along well, keep at it and continue to improve.
The riff that starst on the song2 at 0:10 is pretty catchy.It would be pretty good with some drums,bass and etc.The outro is also nice.
song1wip riffs remind me kind of my old days, when I started wroting riffs,where they were simple but catchy, lots of mistakes though.
Overall decent playing for only 11 months.Keep up the good work!