First and foremost, the trumpet is great Nice addition, and it works with the song; it's not just there to be there. Besides that, the rest is ok. The band sounds a little off time at a couple of points, but it comes back together again. The chorus is a little messy, but that doesn't actually take away from the song. Lyrics are cool. Solo is ok. The vocals could be a bit lower in the mix, and have a little variation to them. Singing out of key is fine, even better in some cases, as long as the voice is interesting. The trumpet at the end could have a little more power to it. A couple of nasty notes are nothing to worry about.

Overall, solid track, I like it. Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1507553
I think some of the vocals could have been sung with more emotion, though they get better during the chorus. It sounds like it's mono, it would be nice if it were stereo. The beginning could have been tighter, but I like that the song gets more energy as it progresses. I like the idea of having trumpet (for something different), though the playing could be better at times. As I listen to this for the second time, the melodies are growing on me. Recording real drums aren't easy; considering that they sound pretty good/the drums have good playing. Lead guitar is good. Overall, I think it's a good song. Rock on! Please review my music at this link:

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Sorry for the late...Thanks for the crit on my band...
I liked the track overall...clean vocals throught the song can be improved to heavy..i think u can do it in the rec studio..the trumpet idea is really great...but takes away the punk feel...The drummer is awesome,bass line goes hand in hand...solo is good.can make it more killer...Off time & Off Notes are not an issue unless the punk originality is there...