Getting a new surf green classic 50s strat... and to most people that's nothing but for me it's stepping out of the box since I have three Gibsons (my first Fender). Does anyone else have this guitar? Any comments? Any reasons not to get it? I tried one out some time ago and thought it sounded decent and the color is to die for. Oh and will it be bad cause it's made in Mexico...? I hear a lot of bad stuff about that but does it really matter that much?
I've tried it.

The neck is a bit uncomfy for me and the pickups are pretty bright. Looks badass though.
No it won't be bad because it's made in mexico (I see where you're coming from being the owner of 3 gibbys)

What bad stuff do you hear about MIM guitars? I hear mostly praise for their quality for the price.

But I do see an issue.........

.......surf green
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surf green

Taste... You are missing it

OP, the pups are quite bright. Not bad, but quite bright.

The classic series, to me, isn't that much over and above the standard (since I'd put different pups in either way), but it's by no means bad.
Now that we've established that the 50s strat is a good choice, I'll try to sway your color choice.

Surf Green


Quote by FEngHLyan

She will join the prom.

She insists to wear this lights.

I don't think so.

How can I persuade her?
The made in Mexico part isn't a problem, I have two MIM strats and they are fine instruments.

But, Surf Green...?
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Surf Green for the win!

You should be sure you get one of the NEW ones, with the beefier tremolo block and such. Stores can keep something "new" for potentially years.

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The pickups will suck.
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Surf green is sexy as hell. Get out of a good stratocaster thread, you metalheads!

Each Strat is it's own beast, so you'd be best in finding the guitar with the specs you want and trying it out before buying. You're going to notice quite a difference in the Strat from your Les Pauls, but that's to be expected. I've had luck with 50's MIM strats in the past, let's hope that's how it goes for you, too!

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Do the necks warp easily?

Unless you store it in a toolshed, no.
i find the 50s style pups to be a little lacking as i prefer a meatier strat sound. i also hate the old style tuners. i believe that the fretboard radius is 9.5" which i greatly prefer to the old 7.25" found on most pre 86 fenders. if you've tried it and liked it then no reason not to go for it.
The MIM's are very good for what they do. If you don't like the tuners, or even the pup's, that is an easy fix. Lots of good aftermarket strat-style pups out there. If the guitar feels good to you, go for it.
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Do the necks warp easily?

No, they should warp any easier than other Fenders. Though, they do have a V neck profile, which is not for everyone. That's the only possible concern I've seen with them.

Also, Surf Green?
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