Well I'm new here and I have no idea how many people have posted about Queens of the Stone Age but defintely my favorite band and one worth discussing. Favorite songs, albums, fun facts, anything like that? I have to say 3's and 7's is my favorite song next to Little Sister. Both fun songs to play and great songs to do something intense to. And for those of us who like to smoke, well, I think Josh Homme described their genre as stoner rock...
lol u so dumb Better Living Through Chemistry and A Song for the Deaf are best Qotsa songs

for realz
I think we can all agree that Songs For the Deaf is one of the best albums in the last 20 years.
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Love 'em, seen em live, freaked out, was great!

I think the best song they have is In The Fade, the emotion and imagery is just fantastic. Love all their albums and happily awaiting the new one
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Yeah, I forgot about In the Fade! It's very emotional. Josh Homme is good at articulating thought and emotion into songs. It's like the end of Cocaine by Clapton, he doesn't have to say much but he can make you feel like crap regardless.
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Jeez, right, I'm a noob. Obviously the songs you like are better than the ones I do :P hahaha.

Just joking my friend

We have a rather large Qotsa thread knocking around here somewhere, if I wasn't so tired I would link it to you.

someone else do it, go on >_>
Nah, I figured you were joking, but I wouldn't at all be surprised if you weren't. Some people... :P and yeah, I you get the chance link it to me. If not oh well. Nbd.
If you tell me you are a Limp Bizkit fan you might as well be telling me your favorite movie is the Chronicles of Narnia.
Thank god for Guitar Hero III
Love the band, love Josh.
I'm more into the Stoner side of em' than the Alt Rock side.
Songs For The Deaf is my top album all the way.
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