I've been starting to learn some Grant Green solos lately since I've gone through a vast amount of Charlie Christian solos, and it seems like Grant Green's style is a natural extension of Charlie's, with longer and more complex phrases and more "outside" type of playing.

Anyway, from the couple of solos I've learned I've found that Grant had these sort of fast trill types of licks that he liked to employ, often 16th note triplets followed by an 8th.

I was just wondering, I can't be quite sure whether he used hammer ons and pull-offs to execute the licks or slides...I prefer the sound of sliding. Has anybody else learned some of Grant Green's stuff that might have any input?

edit: if this falls more under the category of "guitar techniques", I understand if this needs to be moved...I just automatically come to MT because its the only area on this forum I frequent and know some people.
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What does it sound like? Does it sound like sliding, or a hammer-on?

And in the end, it comes down to, which do you like better. Remember your only emulating him, not copying him.

And you've said you like the sounds of the slides better, so... I'd use those.
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