My electric guitar has got some weird problems to it. I didn't really notice it when I bought it but after a couple months I started noticing something odd. The volume on my guitar is pretty messed up from what I can tell. It only starts achieving volume when I reach about 6. Between 1-5, I don't get any volume at all. Also when I switch to any pickup except my bridge pickup, it sound muddy and "covered" i guess you could say.

It's a MIM Fender Stratocaster that I bought used at Guitar Center and I'm thinking it's the wiring the could be the problem. Should I take it to the store to have it fixed or should I attempt to fix this on my own with no knowledge whatsoever in wiring or electrical engineering?
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i'd try cleaning the pots first and see if that doesn't help

if it doesn't, there's no point rewiring anything because chances are it's the hardware and not the wires
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