So, Bogner came out with the International series in 2010. Not much press or dialogue so I figured I'd put something out there.

I have demoed the Brixton and New Yorker (didn't get to turn either up as much as I wanted though).

The Brixton was crazy cool. High gain for sure, but it cleaned up pretty nice depending on how you play and where you set the gain. That being said, you can really only get clean-ish with a little dirt. Volume, Gain, 3 way voice switch and 2 way deep switch. The voice switch set to the highest gain setting dropped the volume and punched gain through the roof. I shied away from that because I don't need that much gain. I got great Hendrix and Zeppelin sounds into almost clean enough Mayer sounds simply with dynamics. Sounded great out of an American Standard Strat (alnico V standard pups) and Schecter C1 Semi-hollow (Schecter standard Seymour Duncan buckers). It was like a tone bucket of mojo! Kind of a plexi-ish vibe but with a mind of its own. If you're cheap you get a tiny terror... if you're serious, you get one of these puppies! They go for about $1200.

The New Yorker was awesome with a strat. Very clean and dirtied up a bit, turning up the volume, as a class A should. Volume, tone, and schizo. The schizo was kind of cool. 1 was pretty bright very clean and got darker, dirtier and tweedier as you move to 4. This one was very American classic rock sounding, like something you wouldv'e heard at Woodstock in '69. I felt like this one gives you more control over your tone, but doesn't allow you to get much past breakup without turning a lot. I might have just missed out on that since I couldn't turn up too much. I'm pretty sure the more you turn up the volume the more the amp comes into its own. These go for about $1300.

Both have a half power mode that softens the feel a bit.

I'd love to hear if anyone has played on the Barcelona. Supposed to be a 'clean platform' type amp, but that's all I really know.

Anyone have experience using any of these with pedals? Also, has anyone cranked any of the these to gig volumes? I'd love to know how they handle outside bedroom volumes. You guys think a cab bigger than a 1x12 would fix any worries about using it live?

Nice! I gave my GF the Barcelona 112 because of its Clean and vintage British tones. Everything sounds good beginning with everything at 12 o'clock. Like the XTC and Twin Jet, it has very smooth Mids (still aggressive) and muscular Lows and very responsive to how you play, so less forgiving than say the Twin Jet. I like how clear it stayed even with the Gain maxed at 5 o'clock!

The controls are very straightforward, the main reason this is excellent for nubs. The Tolex is also quite beautiful.

Thanks for the input on this one! Totally right, I love the boutique tolex! "Fashionable enough for a fashion show," gotta love Reinhold!

Quote by Ippon
The controls are very straightforward, the main reason this is excellent for nubs.

Straightforward is great for nubs! I guess the best way to go is to be stuck with awesome and then when you get more controls your ear is already tuned for awesome and you don't set nobs to suck! haha!

I do love the plug and play aspect of these amps though. I started out with digital modeling stuff (it was low end so that probably has a lot to do with it) and I'm still burnt out, years later, on dealing with programing sounds and still not getting what I wanted. These are extremely organic and really the only thoughts on my mind were 1) am I plugged in, 2) is it on yet, 3) don't forget to breathe!

Anyone have pedal experience with any of these? The Barcelona was made as a clean platform so really I'm curious about the other 3: Brixton, Palmero (formerly Mojado) and the New Yorker.