I see alot of people on here praising the agile/rondo les paul copies, but are there any who have experience with the fender types ie: strats or teles? no budget or whatever, just wondering how they stack up vs. mim mia mij and such.....and Im in the US in a major city, can buy alot of used gear but im just curious bc i don't see alot of talk about any agiles other than les paul rips around these forums
I think most people don't go for the agile strats and teles because the Squier Classic Vibes are in the same price range and thus overshadow the agiles.

The few people I've talked to that did order one have had nothing but praise though.
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The sub–$200 SX andDouglas Strats and Teles are regarded as great project guitars. But there’s no reason to get the more expensive models when used MIM guitars or new Classic Vibe models can be had just as cheap.
they're overpriced, inconsistent, appeal to fanbois, and don't have nearly enough abalone.


no srsly, every guitar mfg makes a lemon now and again. try a few, pick the one you like.
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The headstocks are fugly as well.

this is the main thing that kept me from buying one, on top of that fact that they are routed SSS which sucks for customization. If they made a line of hardtail strats with a swimming pool rout or even a HSH rout I would be all over it though.
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Agile Argus looks like a Jazzmaster, and then you got the Agile 7/8 strings that look like superstrats.

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