lul, awesome song. just need to raise the vocals in some parts, at the start i could hear them fine but then they went quite quiet.
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Lol awesome/funny song! Haha very creative and unique. thanks for posting a reply on my thread. keep up the good work! \m/
Very nice opening riff, tight playing, and pretty good guitar tone. Like the scream, but I feel the vocals are too loud in the mix though, mostly at the beginning. Nicely structured, riffs fit together well. Talking part sounds cool at the end. Only bad thing is that it's pretty short. Was hoping it'd go on longer and have a couple of other sections, maybe a solo etc. Overall I certainly like it though.

I'm not typically fond of toilet humor, but parts of this were funny. I don't think I've heard humor in death metal for years, so I gotta give you credit for that. Now that I think about it, death metal is actually very conducive to some humor such as this (if I said anything more I'd probably offend some death-heads). This reminds me, there was some guy I met on the internet that was in a death metal band, and the 4 piece group performed live in gorilla suits, which I thought was hilarious. Anyway, back to your song. This was the most amusing death metal song I've heard since...........well.....probably forever. Don't forget to turn on the bathroom fan. When you're feeling better, perhaps you could review my music at this link:

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That was awesome. It was actually really nicely composed. Some of the melodies reminded me of the Black Dahlia murder, come to think of it. The drums were really well done, too. If that was a virtual instrument, it was a damn good one. Good job.