A friend and I have decided to play around with erie sounding groove metal. We both decided a mushroomhead kind of tone would be a good starting point for what we want to inevitably achieve. I have an old two channel recto, which i'm sure will work just fine once i replace the tubes and get an od. My friend is in between amps at the moment. He did, however, come across a Marshall jvm410h for $400 whith a matching marshall cab for $300 at the local pawn shop.

What I want to know is,
1. Will the jvm handle this well enough? I know nothing about this amp, except that it supposedly has more gain than any other marahall. But will it do mushroomhead and do it well?
2. If it will, how will it sound next to my recto? Basically, will it blend?
3. If it won't, is there another easily available amp in that price that price range that will?

Thanks for the help guys.
A Recto will work just fine to get a nice tone in that genre.

If I remember correctly, Mushroomhead uses Marshall 800s and 900s, and possibly a Randall Titan. The 410h would work perfect for this sound.

I would imagine that the Recto would produce more distinct highs than the Marshall amps. Being an American-voiced amp, the Recto is going to have a "cleaner" distortion than the Marshall as well, but if you're playing in the same G#/A# tunings that MRH uses it will sound just fine.
I'm not a fan of the JVMs at all. I would much rather have a single channel 800 or clone/derivative. However, $400 is a hellava deal for a 4 channel JVM. My concern with it would be that it is borked or has some issue that could be expensive to replace. Busted Transformers, for example, are hard to detect and expensive to replace. A busted transformer could be the result of someone not matching the impedence on a cab or running the head without a cab - for example. I would be extremely warry of a $400 JVM in the States.

If you friend is not up for starting an account here at UG, maybe you could help him out a bit further by following this format:

...and make mention of the $400 JVM.

PS: Groove Metal FTW !