Sweet Syllables

Sweet syllables that steal the youth
What vane innocence to fill a mouth
Tell me, tell me what you can
Why shades of green turn orange and red
Then fall; always falling away

Let the silence grow; a foot? A Mile.
Beyond the sun that burns this roof
Beyond the word that illicit light
Acknowledge the night- victim to words
Content in a hell- prisoner of empty metaphors

Let the silence crave a color in a soul
Under this smile, you’ll never know
(Don’t’ let them see the holes)
Hum a tune taped to a dying simile

Give me one more reason
Feint a love to fill me up
Just another high another—
Anything to sell my lie
Stand up- scream a silent eulogy
Another dead- another
Buried M-e-m-o-r-y

They tell me I’m fine,
They gave me a coloring book
Told me to color in the lines
To color…
To color…
To fill the empty space
Between dead fingers
To make a sound
To make a sound louder than a sigh
Louder than a whisper
Open eyes don’t make a sound
Only watching always watching
Hoping every constellation dies.

Trying to get back into writing . Please leave comments and leave a link so i may reciprocate. open to any critiques thanks in advance.

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Thought this was really good, might want to spellcheck it next time though :P

only bit I didnt like was where you spelled out memory, I think it would be better normal
haha sorry my computer fails... doesnt have a language pack still trying to figure it out. i fail as a cracker and a speler
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