always start slow to make sure your technique is correct. going to fast you can create bad habbits and then it can take a long time to correct those habbits. Focus on the muscle memory and then the speed will come with time.
Yep, practise at a speed you can play it perfectly. Speed is a byproduct of good technique.
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ok thanks for the quick responses (L) ill do exactly that - start off slow and play it perfectly
Good plan. Use clean and distorted tones to ensure that both your hammer on/pull off technique is good and your muting technique is sufficient. Make sure that your hammer ons are strong enough to sound the note fluently and your pull offs are strong enough to actually sound out the next note. Additionally, make sure that your hand motions are as small as possible. Economy of motion is a huge part of playing faster passages and I think it gets passed up sometimes in these forums.