I am wanting to mess around with some alternative tunings. not just drop D, or C, I mean tunings like ACCGG#C and the kind of tunings sonic youth use. id be doing this on my squier jagmaster because it's my cheapest guitar.

I mean...generally the thicker the string the higher I could tune it so would these strings be ok? .012 .016 .024p .032 .044 .056-(earnie ball not even slinky strings)

im thinking maybe the high e and b might not be thick enough and could snap if I tuned them up too high?

anyone know any better sets for this kind of thing? tried it yourself?

thanks if anyones got any info
Actually, NO.

The thicker the string, the lower you should tune it (by your logic, the thickest string on a guitar should be tuned the highest, and we all know that it's not true).
So, if you want to tune your guitar really high, you should use some thinner strings (like, .009s or .008s)
is sonic youth tuned up or down?

I hope that was a typo, because if you put not even slinkys on your guitar and tried to tune up 2 full steps, you're gonna warp your neck
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Open D is a pretty nice tuning, you can get away with a standard set of strings cos it's not too low. But yeah, tune higher=lighter strings for lower tension, tune lower=heavier strings for more tension
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The thicker the string, the lower youu can tune it since it will reach higher tension faster. Try to tune your high E to the note of your low E(4 octaves lower, if i'm not mistaken). It will be super loose! Now try to tune your low E 4 octaves higer. Chances are that it will break. Thats why you have the thicker string for the lowest note. Same for basses: string are huge, because its tuned an octave lower then a guitar.

So lower tunings, thicker strings.
I use 12s or 13s. I really don't recommend tuning upwards though. Sometimes I tune my b string up to D, but its pretty scary. If I play in G i sometimes tune up the E string to a G, but I really wouldn't do this for very long, as it is *really* tight.

You'll find the tuning down will snap the strings just as often too. If you keeping moving up and down they eventually just come in half, the same way as if you bend them at right angles.

Empirically finding tunings is the best way. Try playing with a song, and then thinking how you can make your hands have to move the least. For instance I tune my guitar DGDGBbD for the partisan by Leonard Cohen, so that i can play the Gminor chord and the bass at the same time.

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Plug in the notes you want and fool around with the string gauge to find the optimal tension. I usually find the optimal tension by taking a string gauge and tuning for a guitar I already like the feel of.
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