I know the intro breakdown is quite generic but I just wanted to do it, and I like it. Still struggling to get a clear guitar tone. I know the production is pretty poor but I'm getting there slowly. Oh and the bass is just a midi file so that's why it sounds a bit odd. Oh andi realise the bass gets really loud at some points but ill fix that soon.

EDIT: Tried to make the bass not as overpowering as it was in some sections.
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Cheers, ha yeah I noticed that. If the mix was clearer it'd be alright but its quite muffled for now
Just re-uploaded the track, tried to make the bass not quite so loud in some short sections.
The intro reminded me a lot Amia Venera Landscape. Good thing so far. I really liked the riffs at 0:32. I'm reminded a little bit of Protest the Hero there. The clean melodies were really nice, though I'd experiment a little bit with delay if that's an option. That's just me. I really liked the major key ending riffs you had. That was a nice touch and gave a really nice, upbeat ending to a good song.

I like the composition a lot. I'll complain about your production below.

What, may I ask, are you using to record here? It sounds to me like the guitars could do with a little more gain to thicken them up, maybe a slight delay or chorus effect even. If you're using a VST, that's gonna be an easy fix. The lower parts were fine, but the upper register distortion guitars needed a tighter sound, maybe with a little more gain to them, to really solidify them.

Cheers man. I basically agree with everything you said. I did mess around with delay a bit, but was just being impatient and because I didn't get something I liked straight away I just left it with reverb on the clean section.

But yeah I'm using VSTs. The problem is, I can't have a project with more than 5 or 6 VSTis loaded otherwise it just basically crashes. I wanted to give the leads more gain but I'd have to create a new track and load another VSTi which my computer couldn't handle. I just discovered group tracking halfway through recording this, and I tried it, but for some reason, the levels of the tracks becomes quite unbalanced. I just need to make the right adjustments I guess.
I appreciate the offer man, but I kinda wanna do everything myself, just like coz I don't want to have to be relying on others for my music. But thanks mate!
Totally understand, just thought I might be able to try my hand at it. It's a great song by the way
Cool song with some interesting riffs. Definitely something you can build into a complete song. The riff at around :49 would be great with some vocals over it.

Really cool melody starting around 1:20 with the guitars. You could think about making that into some sort of pre-chorus if you decide to add vocals.

Love the clean part. Just clean up the playing a little.

Cheers guys. But yeah the riff that starts at 0:49 is what's supposed to be the verse where the vocals would probably come in for the first time. Then at 1:09 is supposed to be the pre-chorus leading to the chorus at like 1:25.

But I was wondering when someone was gonna point out the sloppy playing haha.
very cool riffs and guitar work. sounds like you have a lot of different influences which is a great thing. Even though the bass is midi, I love the ideas you came up with in stead of just following the guitars all the time. good job.
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Really nice song, not much to say cuz its very well written. U should use D82 Maximizer to get some clarity on your guitar. I can send you the vst if u give me your email. I also think that the song works really well without any vocals, u might do some clean vocals but you dont need any growls imo.

If u want u can check out my new post-hardcore song and write a comment: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1511033
I feel the issue I have with this track is that you've written it, listened to it with out vocals and felt some things missing. So you've decided to write a million and one lead parts to go over the top of it. Personally I find it quite annoying cuz, while the technique is fine and you're playing is pretty solid for the most part, there's nothing very musical about some parts, so my comment would be either write some more melodically interesting lead lines to keep it interesting as an instrumental OR scrap some of the lead lines (some of them work really well don't get me wrong) and allow space for some vocals.
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Thanks guys.

ChemicalFire: Ha yeah it kinda went like that actually. As for lead lines to remove, just having a quick thought now I think I could get rid of the lead on the third verse(the kinda djenty bit just after the first solo) and probably the original lead in the chorus once the final solo kicks in. But other than that, I don't think I'd wanna take anything else out. Although then again, it could be completely different once vocals go on top. But yeah cheers for that.
Like I said, some of them work. If I were you, keep em all till you get vocals over the top. Then remove the ones where the guitar takes up too much space, keep the ones that work well and maybe rewrite ones where you know you want something there but it doesn't quite work as is.

Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh but I used to do the exact same thing when writing, as I'm not really a singer. It took me a long time to work out that it was counter productive, so was maybe over compensating to trying to affirm it xD
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
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You can be the deputy llamma of the recordings forum!