On my Fender 57 Reissue Stratocaster MIJ Since 1993, it has all the original pickups that's supposed be on this model. The pickups has never been changed. Personally, I figured I like the clean tone on position 5 (neck pickup), and most of the time when I play I would stick with that position or sometimes I would change to position 3, or position 4 in between (BTW my position 3 & 5 sounds similar.. I could barely tell the difference.. is it just me, or maybe it's my ear XD). Position 1 (bridge pickup), I don't use it quite often, personally, I don't like it when too much twangy sound goes into my ear. However, my point is, I've heard good things about Japan made guitars, and I do love everything about my guitar, except the pickups aren't the best qualities, and now that I've played it, I agree the pickups could be better.

1) First of all, just out of curiosity, on a Fender Strat, which pickup position do you guys prefer / use the most often?

2) When it comes to pickups, is it any good to get a second-handed pickup?

3) It's great that I already got a clean tone I love with the neck pickup, but still, I sometimes play songs that needs a really rock tone with distortion as well, as in "distortion", almost metal distortion I'd say. And I thought it would be nice if I could play a really clean tone on position 5 and as well as great distortion on position 1 with the humbucker. Besides, that would get rid of the twangy sound single-coil on position 1 now which I personally don't use so often, and gives me another position to use a lot when it comes to rock songs. Single-coil pickup buzz so loud when it comes to distortion.. whereas a humbucker should be no buzz and good for distortion I'd say? With that said, what would be a good humbucker pickup (fit-able & replace-able on single-coil size) you guys would suggest when it comes to distortion? and what would be the price? (btw. I live in Bangkok. it would be great if it's order-able from internet and ship-able. Or it's not worth it? maybe it's cheaper if I could go around my area and look for it?)

At the moment, I'm looking at Seymour Duncan Pickup For Strats :

As in what type of distortion tone I'm trying to get...
these songs would be some examples:
OR distortion that would sound sth like this in solo:

I understand some of these they use pedals,
and it depends on the guitar as well,
I'm just trying to give an idea that
I'm looking for sound that's "something/similar like this".

Any idea which specific Seymour Duncan Pickup would make sth similar to this distortion tone I'm trying to get?
Or perhaps DiMarzio Pickups which I've also heard good things about? or any other suggestions?

That's All Guys! Any Reply Would Be Highly Appreciated. THANK YOU.=D
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I switch between all of the combinations really xD don't have much of a favourite.

For question 2). You can just change one of the pickups

4). It would probably be better to buy the pickups brand new.

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Check out the seymour duncan website. You can find humbucking pickups that are the size of single coils.
so is Dimarzio Areas better for the neck pickup
and Seymour Duncan better for the bridge pickup?
seems like that's how people install it? o.0
However, I'm changing my bridge pickup only...
and now I'm chossing between
Dimarzio Areas/Seymour Duncan for bridge pickup?
btw. topic post edited.
I added examples of the type of tone I'm trying to get.
what do you guys think? : )
What amp are you using?
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