Hello from Boise! I'm 43 and just bought my first guitar. I finally grew tired of just being able to air guitar along with the music. I have a wide range of musical taste; from Johnny Cash to Metallica. I've taken a bucket list approach to life lately and playing the guitar is on the list. Years ago I borrowed my brothers acoustic and never stuck with it.

I was recently introduced to the sounds of Joe Bonamassa. His sound has affected me as much as when I first heard Stevie Ray Vaughan. That is what really got me wanting to learn.

Being realistic about learning to play and sticking with it I opted for a cheap starter guitar. I would have liked to have gotten a Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster. But having zero skill I doubted that I would know what I was buying. I read alot and talked to several guitar players. I ended up at a local music store buying a strat copy kit guitar that the store owner assembled/tuned. He even has his logo on the neck. I also got a Crate 15w practice amp, gig bag, strap, cord, pics for $360.

Anyway, looking forward to learning something new.
I haven't listened to Robert Cray in a long time. Thanks!!

Thanks for the amp and pickup settings. Those I am completely ignorant about. I did watch a youtube video that helped with setting the amp knob positions. But the pickup switch, I have no idea where to set it.