Doing some searching for a axe I have owned for 17 years, led me to this forum and there is not much info on the axe I own or pics on the net. So, I figured I would post up for others looking for info on it or reference pics.

Anyway here is a picture of True Fender Prodigy with a Kahler locking system. The only pics I have seen are of the Prodigy II, with no locking tremlo system. Mine has been fitted with an EMG 81 and is currently set to standard tuning. This axe is indestructable. It never, I mean never, goes out of tune. The only complaint I have about this axe is the jumbo neck is not quite perfect for me. But I have short, fat fingers..
I have only seen 3 of these Guitars. Mine, a black one on Ebay, and a friend I know, has a Blue one.
From what I understand, they were banned after a short run and only some 13,000 were ever produced. Apparently the guitar was labeled as "USA MADE" but actually was built in Mexico with parts being made in the states, Hence why they were ordered to Halt Production. Please correct me if I am wrong as there is very little info about this particular guitar.
If you get the chance to pick one up for a decent price and are looking for a versatile axe that is almost bulletproof, I would recomend one for sure.

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Hold on to that thing for another 17 years. It's beautiful and has the looks of a fender with the capability of a shredder.
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A "tubescreamer" is a person paid by a guitarist to stand behind the amp and scream at the tubes. This terrifies the tubes into overdriving and delivers a thick, harmonic-rich tone.
I know that in some peoples eyes my guitar equipment may not be "adequate by today's standards." I will admit I probably am way behind the times, especially to those 1/2 my age and what is out there to use now...I took a 10+ year hiatus from playing. So I have a lot to learn and brush up on.

I have been playing since the 80's.. I have used and burned out, or sold, a long list of equipment over the years..
In the end any amp/effect combo works for me. It is up to the player to pull the tone out of what he has, and make it work.
how do you change battery on that? anyways, looks epic
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how do you change battery on that? anyways, looks epic

the battery would be behind the same cover as the trem springs
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Sweet! Obsecure fenders ftw.

Just need a nice amp for that thing.

Bitch that is a nice amp

better than mine, anyway

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