Hey guys

I'm heading to GC in a few hours and I'm planning on picking up the Rat Distortion pedal. For amps I use a 71 silverface twin and a roland jc120, i have both a strat modded with fralins and a stock LP...

no real specifics on genres, i have to play a lot of stuff. just looking for a great distortion pedal and i don't really wanna spend that much because i'm more of an OD person anyways, just need a reliable distortion pedal and i don't wanna get a POS.

open for discussion, what can you guys tell me.


I have the Rat 2 and I like it a lot. It can do quite a bit of stuff.
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hit up the pawn shop. great place for pedals for less than half the price.
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Unless you're completely anal about your tone then just get the RAT2, don't be goaded into getting the The Rat or any other of the higher market pedals. Also make sure that you try a few other pedals too while going and try to play them into an amp similar to yours.
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The Rat 2 can do a lot. Really low gain settings yields a more overdrive sound, winding it up yields a nice rock crunch, and it can even sound kind of like a fuzz if you tweak it right. It's a bit of a brash sounding pedal though, so you might use quite a bit of the filter knob on the pedal.
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The RAT2 is awesome; comparison videos between it and a vintage RAT seemed to me to show that the newer model has a better defined bottom end, and a higher-fi sound.

I love mine, I use it at every show!
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For less you can look for the MXR M78 '78 Badass Distortion.

There's one by my GC that's $78, and the Rat is $95.
so i did end up getting the RAT2, a bit on the fuzzy side for me but it's still pretty great. i'm glad i got it!