There is a story to this guitar. Once upon a time it belonged to the guitarist from my old band Violent Karma, and I used to use it every now and again most notably on the solo of this song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfLwkNNWlec) when my guitar decided it would die mid solo. It was mostly my fault. I rewire all my own guitars and I'm not very good at it =D

Recently I wanted to buy a new guitar, but didn't see the point of buying anything that would just double up on anything I already have and then it hit me. I should buy his Washburn. As it was damaged at our album launch I bought it for a mere 80GBP and started to fix it. I put a schaller bridge on it instead of the washburn original, I put a schaller R3 nut on it and then set it up. Unfortunately it turned out to hate me. I've had to take the neck off about 4 times to put shims under it and mess with the truss rod. The bridge turned out to be a tiny bit too large in just one place on the route despite looking exactly the same as the route that I took the bridge off. The nut was way too high so I sanded it down, then sanded slightly too far and ended up having to put a shim under the nut which cut me and of course any alteration to anything means loosening the strings so the floyd isn't changed under pressure which has meant fully setting up a floyd rose about 15 times. It's taken the best part of a day, but now I'm pretty sure everything is fine, she's strung up, the neck is straight, she's in tune, the electronics work, she stays in tune and she's feeling lovely.

Review: I'm going to do a proper review for the site later, but I'll give some highlights here. The neck is a c shape and thicker than a jackson, ibanez or other shredder type guitar, but the large frets lend themselves to some very tasty bends and feels very easy to play on to me. The body is slightly smaller than a normal strat or superstrat which makes it good for midgets like me.

Good things? The pickups are great. Better to my mind than the equivalents on Jacksons in this price range being washburns own neck pickup (very warm and smooth) and a bill lawrence USA made Bridge pickup which cuts really well. As far as I remember the bridge pickup was used for my solo on the track above from 2.11 to 2.44. The rest of the solo was done on a strat with a mexican strat with a hot rails in the bridge. There is a coil tap on the 1 volume pot which means you have some extra variety to the sound, but to me, it doesn't seem particularly useful on this guitar as it seems to be modelled after the charvel principle of keeping it simple and efficient.

I also like the oil finish - makes the guitar feel very resonant, though I've killed a little of that by having to shim the neck pocket for a low action. The original bridge was fine, but the schaller is taller and needed the neck raising.

Complaints? 22 frets are a pain for some. The truss rod is in the body which I like, but is just far enough forward that you can't actually reach it without taking the neck off, which means they might as well not have bothered with the little cutaway for it. I found this out multiple times over the last day. The body also dints easily as there is no protective finish, just an oil coat, which doesn't bother me, but some people like pristine guitars and could be annoyed by this.

Ok. . . Pictures.


Interesting story, bro.
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Those washburns are great shread guitars HNGD
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what a steal! such a good quality guitar
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I don't quite know why, but at first I thought I hated N2's - first time I saw one, I thought to myself... "Man, that looks like some slightly retarded stratocaster....".... however, at the same time, deep inside I must've though "but it's still kind cool". Since then, I've grown more and more interested in them, and now I quite like how they look, and based on reviews, I'd like to try one, too.

Anyway, bullet points:
Looks awesome

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