So we're virtues must live, i'd explain the sound, but that always segregates the people that will choose to listen. So lets go with rock.
We're a five piece, with a fair few different influences. Our singer is all about Envy on the coast, our drummers favourate is dream theatre, our lead guitarist is a massive a day to remember fan, our Bassist loves sevendust and our other guitarist is a jazz guitar player.

So yeah, We're an accumulation of all of those things and what we know from collectively playing in about 14 bands between us over the past six or seven years.

Check us out if you get a chance, like us if you like us, and Spread the word if you love it.
So i'm in a Alt.Rock band (More of a Pop rock band, but Alt. sounds ever so much more mature.) [https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Virtues-Must-Live/143226869078034?sk=app_178091127385 Check us out here]
And we've been told by a certain large music festival for unsigned bands in the UK that to secure a place on the bill we must have at least 400 likes on facebook.

But here's the thing, we've only been around for 9 months, we've had some sold out gigs, but we've had some massively poor turnouts too. That's how it goes in a band at the beginning. So, we didn't have a facebook page until about 6 months ago, and even then we didn't really push it alot until recently.

Is facebook really a bands best friend though? With so many people, let alone bands on facebook the chances of a band being noticed by your average day to day music fan is astronomically small, meaning using it as a base seems somewhat counter productive.

What i'm asking is, if facebook isn't the answer, what else works well??

Really interested to see what you all think!
This is virtues must live,We're a Rock band from newcastle in the UK who are just starting to build a fanbase, looking for some help on that front. So we've taken to the forums, youtube, twitter and all the rest.

Check us out if you fancy it!
Click here to listen to Virtues Must Live
Haha Love Me More sounded like it was going to be really heavy, then got surprising with the chord progression. Could do with a little better production...did you guys do it yourselves? The singer has an interesting voice, he's not bad.

Broken is interesting. It's got attitude, I can say that much haha.

Overall the vocals are overpowering over the rest of the band, which should be fixed, imo. That would make the recordings a lot better, I feel. Also, requiring people to like and then post to their facebook might turn people off from listening. Not bad though.

Check out my band? Link is in the sig
Dear the spoon! Thanks.

We know a guy at a studio who did an offer doing 4 live recordings in 5 hours for £50, since we wanted something to put on facebook, we thought that was the best shout. So yeah, the quality isn't great, but you get what you pay for i guess! They'll do for now though.

And i thought we'd taken off the like to listen setting.. So i'll be fixing that asap!

And i'm onto the checking out your band now

Thanks again