I have an ibanez hollow body ag75 recently replaced the strings on it after being in a case for almost two years and the bridge fell off of it after all the strings came off. Dont even look like its fasten to the guitar just sits there and held on by the tightness of the strings but otherwise always played good and a nice sound to it. But since this has happened the tuning is off when I move up an octave. The higher I go the more off it is. I can't even play slide on it because it is so badly off. I need to take it to a shop to have this repaired because of this?
you put the bridge on upside down
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You didn't get the bridge installed in the right place, so the intonation is now off. Every archtop instrument I've ever seen has a similar bridge setup
Besides having the bridge located at the right general spot, you may need to play around with some slight angling of it to get better intonation.

Most "tension bridges" like the one you describe don't have a way to adjust individual string intonation, so it will always be a bit of a compromise.

For a starting point, measure the nut-to-twelfth fret distance, double it, and locate the bridge at that distance from the nut. Then if your 12th fret notes are sharp (compared to either the harmonic of the open string, or just reading sharp compared to the desired one-octave-up note), then push the bridge a bit farther "back" towards the tail, for that string. If the 12th-fretted note is a bit flat, then push the bridge forward. With many typical string sets, you'll find that the higher strings need to be a bit shorter than the lower strings, and so it will make sense to have the bridge angled a bit (high-E side closer to the nut than the low-E side).

Keep in mind that every nudge of the bridge will change the open-string tuning, so you have to do this in increments, retuning at every move.
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you put the bridge on upside down

I agree thats the most likely thing, other than the replacement strings are a different gauge compared to the old, then the intonation could be out.
What the hell!!!
I turned it around and its better but once you start hitting the 10th fret its off a little and the 12th its off the same as it was as if it was upside down . Ive changed the strings on it dozens of times I didnt think it would come off to be honest it was stuck there guess maybe whatever was holding it there wore off. If I move the bridge back the A string vibrates against the frets. This will take some work :/ I will change out the strings I been using d'addarios and ernie ball but these are elixir's. I use 9s but elixirs as expensive as they are compared to other strings have such a unique sound

Thanks for the advice everyone