I am interested in doing my first guitar build, but i have no experience whatsoever in guitar building, so i have a lot of questions. Since this is my first build I don't want to spend a lot of cash on it because if it doesn't work I don't want to have wasted a lot of money.

1. How much should it cost?
2. What can i do to make it easier to build?
3. What tools do I absolutely have to have?
4. Where should I buy wood and hardware from?
5. What are the chances that I mess up so badly that it isn't even playable?
1. it depends on what specs you want
2. get a cheap guitar and customise it rather than start from scratch, it'll give you experience in knowing what you'd be dealing with if you did start from scratch
3. patience, a drill, sandpaper, a jigsaw, patience, measuring tape, more patience.
4. wood if you build a new one, a reputable timberyard. hardware online.
5. if you build from scratch, i'd say about 50/50 (0-100 depending on skill level) if you customise a cheap guitar about 10-20% likely.
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which is easier to build: neck-thru, set neck, or bolt on? I really hate bolt on necks but if that is the easiest then I will do it. And about how much would it cost to make a guitar with alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 24 frets, tom bridge, string through body, one humbucker, one volume, and whatever neck construction is easiest? and it will probably be a V shape.
bold on is easiest IMO, and for the cost, you should really just look into some shops because the prices really differ
easiest is probably a bolt on tbh
erm i have no idea how much it'd cost tbh for the wood, hoping someone else can jump in here and fill this space in.
as for the hardware, depending on which humbucker you choose, it should be a couple of hundred dollars or about £150 in proper money.
Belief is a beautiful armour but makes for the heaviest sword.
where is the best place to buy a cheap neck? or should i buy a cheap guitar and just try making my own body and just use the hardware and neck from the cheap guitar?
I would start buy finding a cheap $25 guitar on craigslist to mess around with. Take it all apart and just see how it is built and try to put it all back together. It will get you thinking about how you may want to do things different and if you screw it up you arn't out a lot of cash. Some dude here in MPLS area has 3 les paul bodies for $110
The hardest thing to do imo and the most important besides getting the scale length right is getting the neck in perfect parallel with the bridge so the strings are even on the neck and so the frets are not off angled in relation to the bridge before I drill the neck screw holes.
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ok thanks for the advice guys. seems like the best thing to do is buy a cheap guitar and modify so thats what ill do! thanks for the quick replies and ill make sure i post pictures of my mods!
Yeah, with a cheap guitar, you can mess up and still only lose a few dollars, but when building yourself, the cost will be far far higher. Because you havent done it before, there will be mistakes i guess so it better to have a cheaper :P