So I'm buying a silverface bassman, with around £570, but need some money left over which will be used in conjunction with other money I'll be making later down the line for some other purchases (reverb pedal, pedal board, cab etc).

Atm I'm looking at:

- 1977 "Bassman 100" - probably about £450
- Late 70s "Bassman 70" - £450. Not the best condition but I'm sure its repairable. The seller described it as a blackface amp simply because it has a black grillé, but it has a silver faceplate so I don't really understand
- 1968 "Bassman amp" shipped from America - ~£450 modded to blackface specs, not sure about this as I'm not really looking for crunch or early break up - more of an amp that will break up a little with a hard picking hand but mostly clean

I play post rock which basically means I need a fair bit of headroom but I don't mind slight break-up. I need the amp to compress fairly nicely and give me a clean tone with nice sustain on clean lead lines. Help please?
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
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get the '68 one.

All the amps will be clean, none of them will break up significantly. A BF Bassman is not going to give you crunch or early break up.
i have a 1968 AB165 Bassman. sounds good, i want to get some NOS tubes in there, and will when time comes around. i may go to blackface but don't really know.
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