Sup! I've got some riffs put together, and eventually this will be all part of a full song but I'm kind of stuck at this point. Can I get some crit on what I have so far? C4C also
guitar riffs.gp5
guitar riffs.gp4
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The verses are great. Intro needs more direction. A sense that it's going somewhere. The higher section in the bridge sounds great as well but the next part sounds a little random, especially the fills. Also, I would suggest putting the triplet section in a different song as it kind of brings the listener out of the groove of the piece. Overall though youu've got some cool riffs.
Cool, some good suggestions man. I'm working on the intro, I know it's kind of dull as it is but I liked the basic idea of that riff. Which bars are the ones that sound random? Thanks for the crit!
Bars 34 through 50 seem random in this piece. If they were in something a little darker and more akin to them, would wouldn't be.
Oh I see what you mean. I had that riff previously written before all the rest, I'll work on that one to make it more relevant to the other riffs. thanks for the reply