Hey guys, getting bored of my Epi standard LP and thinking about selling it off and getting a Michael Kelly Patriot Decree. Any one have any opinions on this guitar? How are the pickups, do they sound good with the coil tap? I've heard these guitars are a huge step up from Epiphones in terms of quality and playability, is this true? I'm looking at the Blood Vapor finish, does it look the same in real life as it does on the MK website and what colour/finish is the back?

Cheers guys

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I've heard loads of good stuff about them, invest while they're still cheap I reckon.
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I have only heard positive things about them. Good choice I would say
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I don't know what model it is, but my local guitar store only seems to carry Fender, Dean, and Michael Kelly lol. I always go to the Michael Kelly when trying out amps there. Seems like a quality guitar, and I love the body shape on them.
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