Hey, recently i started getting a lot of buzzing from my amp when i moved it upstairs, i then moved it down stairs but the buzzing continued, but my guitar also affects the buzzing if its set anywhere besides the bridge pickup (between middle and bridge pickup) the buzzing is very loud, the buzzing affects the clean channel aswell. I got a new lead but this made the buzzing worse (my old lead was pretty messed up). So i wasn't sure if it was the amp or the lead, I then tried using another guitar, but my guitar is pretty messed up itself so i couldn't find a result, I tried another amp but the buzzing can only be heard if its on high volume.
im so frustrated because i can't seem to find the trace of it. Is there anyway of isolating the problem? at this stage i will try anything!
If it's not the amp my first guesses would be bad cable or poor output jack contact.
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well then...humming is just the nature of the beast with single coil pickups...are you playing it with hi gain?
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what kind of guitar and amp are they? Does the buzzing get better/worse when you touch the guitar strings? I could be a grounding issue, most commonly of the guitar but sometimes it happens with the amp too. If you're using single coils, it could be some sort 60Hz cycle hum that's exacerbated with the wiring of the house (that's how my house is... it's really old so my strat hums like crazy in every room except the garage - which was recently remodeled electrically). If you can, open up your guitar and take some high quality pics just to make sure that the wiring is ok. If you said your guitar is pretty messed up, it could just be a wire that came loose or became exposed and is shorting somewhere along the circuit. I don't know how much you know about this stuff so don't take it personally if I sound redundant... just reflecting on the stuff that's happened to me =)
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This sounds like a grounding issue, or maybe a very poor shielding job - causing even more 60Hz hum. Open up your guitar and take a look and all the ground wires - as well as the output jack's connections
The Guitar is a Fender Stratocaster MIM, Fender FM 212R, The buzzing is a lot worse when i don't touch the strings, The Strat isn't messed up, sorry if i didn't make that clear, its my other electric guitar that is kinda broken, i don't think the strat is broken
But if it is grounding or shielding problems, why didn't it happen say 3 years ago when i got the amp? It is now in the same place it has always been, up to about 3 weeks ago it didn't make buzzing noises in that area. Why would it start making noises now?
hmm... so most factory strats are grounded via the tremolo claw in the back. Sometimes the ground wiring in strats is shoddy and comes loose; I had a strat copy that had a loose volume pot... unfortunately everything was grounded to the back of that pot. I slacked on repairing the pot when it first came loose and after a few months of the volume pot twisting along with the volume knob, the wires that were grounded to the back of that pot broke, and it was so bad that I had to redo the wiring for the whole guitar (multiple wires broke, it was a mess).

Anyways, I think that the indication that the buzzing is worse when you don't touch the strings indicates a grounding issue (although I don't know why it didn't happen 3 yrs ago unless something just came loose). If you don't want to take off the pickguard to check the wiring, try removing the tremolo cavity cover on the back of your strat and see if there's a wire attached to the trem claw. If it does seem properly attached, then you'll probably have to take off the pickguard to get to the bottom of the problem.

I just recently re-grounded and shielded my American strat based off these instructions http://www.guitarnuts.com/wiring/shielding/shield3.php
My strat wasn't too noisy, but this definitely helped. This site has a bunch of strat resources, everything from stock wiring diagrams (to compare yours and make sure everything's a-ok) to different wiring mods (I did the strat lovers strat II mod from it's sister site, which allows 12 different pickup combos instead of the stock 5... it took me a while but worthwhile).

You should check it out and compare your strat's wiring to the stock wiring, especially if you bought your guitar used (people try to shield strats and sometimes improperly shielded guitars are just as bad or worse than non-shielded guitars). Anyways, keep us updated on the issue and good luck!
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thanks for the info, I'm bringing to my guitar shop today. Thanks everyone for contributing