Been snooping around for some while now, searching for a new acoustic to replace my old first act one. After making some quick searches I've come up to these ones.




Which are all in the same price range.

So, my question is - Which one would you choose out of all the mentioned ones? I'm seriously interested in the Yamaha, because it really sounds great on a few clips I've seen on YouTube, but the others are pretty much good as well, so it's a bit frustrating.

The Furch guitar is pretty cheap too, when compared to the other ones I've seen, it's a little bit beat up though, not that I really care about it, but still.

I guess Simon and Patrick are kind of a small company, but as far as I know, they're made by Godin, which are also known to make good quality guitars. I actually have played some one these, so I do know that they aren't bad.

Let's get ramblin'!