Hi all,

Been a while since ive been here but i need your help.

Trying to emulate francis rossi's (of status quo) guitar tone.

Ive got a tele, and a late 80s SS marshall head, which does good cleans and sounds fairly tubey on (very) low overdrive, but anything above that and it distorts nastily, thus the need for the pedal.

Heres a video for reference

I tried to find out what their rig was back then, but i can only find info on their modern rig. Theyre playing orange amps in that video, but only because it was the beat club and they were provided, but sounded spot on in that video so its something to keep in mind.

So to summarise, i need a pedal that will get me close to the lead sound in the above linked video, any ideas?

Thankyou if you read this far

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Try some overdrive pedals out. I'd suggest an Ibanez Tube Screamer (difference in cost of the models based on what you are looking for) or the Fulltone OCD.

From this video, a Tube Screamer sound like it could imitate the sound better.
Budget? An OD may not be the best to use with a SS amp
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A "tubescreamer" is a person paid by a guitarist to stand behind the amp and scream at the tubes. This terrifies the tubes into overdriving and delivers a thick, harmonic-rich tone.
Budget, nothing ridiculous, under 80 if i can. The OD on the amp itself sounds rubbish so anythings better than that.