Recently I've started to do some guitar repairs/set-ups on my own to earn a little more money and gain some more knowledge and experience concerning electric guitars and the way they are built (and to play on some fine instruments, by the way :] ).

Well, I've got this B.C. Rich Warbeast One. The main problem was that it suddenly stopped playing. Diagnosis (confirmed after unscrewing the back place) - something unsoldered. I soldered the ground cable from output jack to the tone potentiometer (from which I thought it unsoldered) and checked if the guitar works.

Yeah it worked, but then appeared another problem - the guitar was so silent it didn't even overdrive my amp. I checked it with a multimeter - output signal was somewhere like 230 Ohms - about 50 times lower than the pickups output signal was - 10kOhms.

Has anyone encountered such problem before? Can this be a problem with potentiometers? Output jack? Switch (but I think it works - checked it with my multimeter)? Or could it be my soldering ?

Also I'd be glad if someone sent me a photo or quick schematic of wiring in a typical Warbeast.
@danvwman: seems to be ok.

I've also checked the volume pot. It's alright. No ideas how to check the tone pot though.
@blaaargh: It's too short to go to the vol pot. I soldered it to the back of tone pot, because backs of vol and tone pots are connected. Electrically-wise this should be a correct solution .

EDIT: Fixed it. When I got the guitar, the vol pot was somewhat loose, so I tightened it, and accidentally turned it, so the leftmost pin touched this funny screen-paint. It must have caused a short circuit, because when I set the pot back in position, the multimeter showed glorious 10 kOhms of circuit DC resistance.
But still I wonder - why did such a little thing took such effect?
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