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I'm not familiar with FF in any way, but god dayum if this isn't impressive.
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Although I have found less and less time to finish this (I think it's been like a month since my last update). Meh, I tried to make a "goal" to finish both soundtracks some day, I don't really want to keep this "project" unfinished there.

Hopefully I get most of them done in summer holidays.
I've never played any FF games but these sound good. I liked barret, debut and don of the slums
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Final FF9 Update:


FF9: Mistaken Love

Okay so I took a look at the remaining songs and didn't feel to tab any, they weren't "memorable" enough, or were just 29 seconds long or something.
I could have tabbed Melodies of Life, but millions of people already tabbed it and it sounds almost exactly the same as the South Gate theme and others which I've already tabbed.
If someone wants it I guess I could tab it though

So well...just to make a "final" arrangement I decided to finally tab Mistaken Love. Decided not to use the arpeggiated harp (which was what made me not tab it in the first place) and it ends up working in the end

There are some songs I wish I could tab, but they are either impossible to play (or impossible to tab them in a way so they can be played), or I couldn't get accurate midis of them (or midis at all).

Some of them would be:
IIfa tree
The Sneaky Frog and the Scoundrel

And some others I forgot

So yeah, next year I'll try to finish the FF7 one.
So like, I think the only one I'm going to be putting up is Judgement Day

Jenova Absolute, World Crisis, Staff Roll are not that easy to tab, may end up with a shitty arrangement; and I don't really feel they are "must tab" themes, so I'll leave them be
Final FF7 Update:


FF7: Judgement Day

Okay, pheww, so FINALLY all FF7 and FF9 OST is finished being arranged (except the themes posted in the OP). surely was a fun journey, it's fun as hell arranging these songs
Hope I have the time to at least learn (or rather "re"-learn) most of these, but damn they are a lot to remember

If you guys want I could do the FF6 or FF8 ones. Maybe even the FF10 ones, I dunno.
If I do start I'll start in quite a while though

I'd like to thank these sites, they provided like 95% of all the midis I used to arrange the themes!:

Also to some other guitar players/tabbers, like the ones at which I checked every time before arranging a song (in case they already had a tab about it), and lonlonjp for making tabs about other songs as well (although I kind of had to get his tabs via, like the "Jesters of the Moon" one), and basically giving me an idea of which song to tab and which one not to (because there exists a much better arrangement out there )

Anyways I doubt much people will see this, but I just wanted to put this out, in case people thought like "wow, gonzaw surely made all those arrangements from scratch in like 1-2 hours each!" or something, which is obviously not true.
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