I'm a metalhead that's been on that thrash horse for awhile now, but I'd really like some suggestions. I listen to alot of thrash, metalcore and some death metal but I would like some ideas within and outside the metal and rock genre, here's my last.fm if you'd like an idea of my tastes. (http://www.last.fm/user/slashlegions) Please help this guitarist find more inspiration!
It's kinda hard to give your own opinion and hope that someone else likes it, but i listen to a lot of the same shit you got in your lastfm and some that i'm not seeing seem obvious like...
alice in chains, ozzy osbourne, skid row, motorhead, atreyu, godsmack, pantera. then in more the hardcore realm i guess they call it is stuff like... autumn offering, bury your dead, all that remains, sevendust, parkway drive, the browning, fit for a king, machine head, threat signal, soilwork. a lot of the bands i get into are linked vids on youtube, you gotta sift through a lot of shit cause youtube is kinda dumb, but it exposes you to a lot of stuff.

Threat Signal has become one of my favorites, check this link out
Listen to some Melodic Hardcore, Pianos Will Become Teeth, La Dispute, Make Do And Mend and Touche Amore
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