Ok so i really love the sound of a strat in the position with the neck and middle pick up on im pretty sure its called 2nd position. Well i love it but i want a little more umf and sustain. What would a humbucker in the neck and a normal single coil strat pickup in the middle compare to the traditional setup of the 2nd position. if this dosent work well and sacrifices the tone to musch any other sugestions? Maybe switching the pick ups in other positions. Ill be greatful for any feedback.
there's gonna be some compromise.

an auto split on the humbucker (you might need a new switch for that, i dunno) will help it to sound as stratty as possible, but it still won't be exactly the same.

maybe you could try one of those humbuckers with alnico polepieces instead of the bar magnet (e.g. teh duncan stag mag). they're meant to sound more like "proper" singles when split. I haven't tried them, though, it might just be marketing BS.
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How much more "oomph" are you looking for? Putting a humbucker in the neck would really change the sound. I would just opt for a thicker set of singles.