So I'm looking to build another guitar during my second semester of woodworking at my high school (aren't I hot shit?). My last guitar was an LP DC build using walnut and maple (the best tone woods readily available at my school). But this time I'm looking to go more exotic. I want to do striping for sure (walnut wings, then maple stripe, then walnut stripe, then maple center) on the top and use cherry for the back. I'm looking for input on crazy ideas for the top (using different veneers, materials, etc). I thought it might be kinda cool to do abolone or imitation MOP as the entire top veneer or do crazy inlay work with it?
Anyways, just want some input on interesting top wood configurations!
Thanks UG!
Normally, I would give advice but you aren't hot shit enough, why would you ask?

That being said, it sounds like you know exactly what you want already.

So, the only question in this thread without an answer is 'aren't I hot shit?', which
I covered up there. ^^^
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Have you thought about two interlocking veneers? like you could do maple and rosewood or ebony to create flames? I've been wanting to do that for a while

I was thinking about something like that. It seems like an interesting idea to try
You could do a Rick Nielson-esque dark/light checkerboard thing with walnut and maple. And five rosewood necks. And use the scraps to make a back brace.
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Depends, I don't know what pickups go good with plywood. EMGs will make it sound like every other EMG guitar though.

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it needs a silver flakes
and sara underwood