first and foremost, you get a thumbs up from me for picking alice in chains. The first thing i noticed, as i usually do since its probably my biggest pet peeve with covers, is that your backing track is waaay too loud. i want to hear you playing the guitar as much as i can. from what i can tell, your playing sounds solid though. the solo could use more feeling but that will come with time and as you gain more confidence too. it still seems to me like your focus is more on making sure you get all the right notes than actually feeling the music in the solo but again that just comes with practice. in the triplet section at 1:40 watch your timing. it takes you about half way through that section to get up to speed, not because you cant, because you do get there, but i can tell youre searching for the tempo as youre going there. i dont want to nitpick too much though because overall this is a pretty good job. keep at it.

if you would kindly c4c i just put up a new cover myself
Kudos for havng a go at this, it's a tough tune to master.
The verse timing is not standard 4/4 which makes it harder to master.

You have all the parts and the ability to play it.
I think you just need a bit more time working with a metronome to really get comfortable with the timing.
Thanks for the replies! I'm still trying to work on timing and other techiniques and its coming along better every day. Hopefully in the future i'll get the chance to post an improved cover. Appreciate all the feedback!