I like it...sound quality is pretty good, and well played. I dont thing there is something missing, we always judge too hard on ourselves keep it goin
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idk i think your recording sounds pretty damn good. everything is clear and id be hard pressed to even find a slip up in your playing. ive never tried to play this song but it has always struck me as being challenging to pull off. its crazy how full of a sound it captures with just one guitar track and your playing does it as much justice as one could. i just put on the original just to compare them back to back and really the difference isnt that drastic. im not sure the casual listener would catch a switch between the two. im guessing with that list of gear that your not recording the sound through the camera because if you were that would be the obvious way to improve the quality. unfortunately i dont have that much further knowledge in that department, i just do what i can with audacity. back to yours, i am noticing that it doesnt sounds like the low end slide in the first part is really picking up as well as the high notes are so perhaps thats something to watch out for. maybe too trebly?

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Thanks for the comments, jmako.

One thing I wish I could reduce was the string noise i get when sliding on the acoustic. I'm working on another acoustic song but thats really holding me up. Anyone have any tips to help reduce that?