Found this on the Der Wanderer über Dem Nebelmeer compilation album from last year.

been spinning his new album 'Azimuths To The Otherworld', and it is definitally different.

The band has this weird Neo Folk/Black metal/doom mix going on and it definitally works for them.

The acoustic playing on this song is incredible. the way he mixes up the strumming on 8th notes into this really pretty fingerstrum patten with tapping.

I was'nt sure were to put this so i put it here.

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Wow cool find. I listened to to the song you linked and Im three tracks into the album, and its really unique. The acoustic work is great, but I almost wish they had some more metal parts.

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Metal Archives deemed them to be 'not metal enough.' I wanted to read some reviews and such, but alas, there are none (on MA.)

I got AttO. I have to say that the guitar tone is atrocious. The treble is killing me. The music is great, but **** that treble.
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