i really love all the fingerpick arrangements there are, but i always wanted to create something myself.
At the beginning i made things way to complicated, and lately i've been focussing on trying to keep things simple.
Still i find myself struggling with the whole tension release part.

so what ive made this far are 3 'songs'

basically i want to know if u find it ok, and if theres anything u want to point out, like whats wrong, that'd be nice

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Simplicity is the key! You're on the right track when it comes to composition. Write what sounds good. One of the most important if not THE most important thing in composition is structure/form. If you have a working structure, almost anything you write will work musically.

for example a very simple form: A B A
A= do something (phrase, lick, melody)
B= do something else
A= do the first thing again.

form : A B A C

A= do something
B= do something else
A= restate A
C= do something differing from A and B

Another good technique to writing is to use material that you've already used in the song and use the elements in a different way

example: use the same rhythm but different notes.
Or use the same notes but a different rhythm.
Your ability to warp, change, mold material that you've already introduced into saomething new and fresh is the mark of a good composer. Look at the Greats (Beethoven, Bach, Debussy) and look for material that is the same basic idea, but changed and molded into something that looks different.

I hopes this helps, and good luck on your composition!
also, Kudos for putting your art out there in the open like that, being open to critique good or bad is a great way to know things about your music and how to further its development
Very well written songs! A great vocal melody would really tie all these tunes together. Also, a bit of diversity in the rhythm couldn't hurt.
Amon Amarth to Frank Zappa
and everything in between.

The A-Z's of music.
the whole A B A thing makes sense
the rhythm stays indeed the same, but i'll deff try to see if i can get some variety in it.

thanks for the replies!