Hey! Go check it out on youtube and itunes. It was released today! This is a single off of Shinedown's new and upcoming 4th album. The song is called Bully. The lyrics are fantastic!! Chorus is perfect! Sounds exactly like them! Brent really outdid himself on the lyrics. Barry's drums are great once again. Zach's solo is "different" lol, but it sounds good. And Eric is just in the backround, but expect him to be a bigger part in this album like he was in Sound Of Madness.

Just thought i'd share
Never thought i would see someone who is a über fan of maiden and a fan of shinedown just like me, nice!

I don't like the theme of the song, but that's my preference.

Though, they excecuted the theme perfectly. The chorus is really energizing, just like the rest of the songs of them, they haven't lost it!

i like this new kind of solo of Zach,it's like epic. Though i liked the older solos more, it had more of a shinedown vibe to it.

Thanks for sharing, though this event was marked, I hadn't thought about it when i woke up.
Meh, not really digging it. Shinedown's been on a decline since they parted with Jasin Todd, IMO.
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I really like it, although I think the verses are a little lacking musically, but the chorus kicks ass on so many levels. Not sure it's their best work like some people say it is, but it's a really solid song and a great first one for them to release after so long with no new music, and anyone who's heard the demo for their song 'Underground' a few months back will have really high expectations for the album like me.
Not bad, it didn't catch me right away like a few of their other hits though.
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Wow. Could they be anymore blatant about who they're catering to? How old are these guys again and why are they singing about middle school crap?


Most of the members are almost 30 or older and this song sounded like what an angry Scenecore band would make lyrically. A scenecore band made up of 16 year olds with combovers.