hello all.. new to the forum so please bare with me. i did read your rules and faqs. so let me explain a few things.... first off.. i dont know too much about amps as im just barely starting to play electric. been playing acoustic for quite a few years though. im a poor college musician. later on, i will get decent gear when i have the money so this is temporary... i hope ;p

Budget: like i said. im a poor musician just looking for something thats usable.. doesnt need to be top of the line. but my budget is somewhere around 250. i could be swayed a little over 250 if i find something that i think (after some research of course) is worth it

Genres: a bit eclectic here but i think most of the sounds could be covered pretty easily.. this ones going to be a bit longer... so please bare with me. here are some of the sounds im looking for

faith and the muse~prodigal/failure to thrive

a perfect circle~judith

tool~fortysix and 2

incubus~echo/the warmth/sick sad little world

mostly just the solo from sick sad little world... idk what type of effect it is as i've just barely started playing electric. been playing acoustic for 6 years or so though.

polkadot cadaver~soul survivor

dog fashion disco~nude in the wilderness/devils wife

woods of ypres~retrosleep in the morning calm
rip david gold... great musician and he passed away barely a week ago.

sorry for all the links

New/Used: new or used doesnt matter to me. as i said. im just trying to get the most bang for my buck.. i've been searching on both craigslist and ebay

Home/Gig: idk about a gig but i might jam with a few friends. i would like to record with it though. so something with a "decent" enough tone to record... unfortunately im practically tone deaf so i might need a little help with an explanation of what good tone sounds like and i'll see if i can pick it up.

Location: north orange county. practically the bottom part of los angeles so i know i have a lot of options.. unfortunately the only decent music store near my house is guitar center and this one doesnt have much in terms of variety. almost nothing but super expensive gear ($750+). and please dont make fun of me for thinking thats expensive

Current Gear: 2 cheap guitars
Ibanez V series black acoustic 6 string
Ibanez Gio GSA 60 6 string with 3 pickups. 2 single coil i believe and 1 humbucker at the bridge... i found this guitar on craigslist for 50 bucks but it was in pretty bad shape. so i replaced the strings, gave it a thorough cleaning/polishing, adjusted the action/intonation, tightened the volume pots, and adjusted the bridge springs
my friend let me borrow a 15 watt ION amplifier so i have been able to play my new guitar.

Additional Info/Questions: I would also like to know a few things about crate and behrenger amplifiers.. they seem so much cheaper than fenders and marshalls and such.. are they worse? my friend told me to avoid behrenger amps. oh yeah.. and i dont care if its a tube, solidstate, hybrid, or a modeling amp.. i just want something that sounds good... and i know its going to be impossible to get everything im looking for in an amp on this budget.. i would like to know what my best options are though... like getting a less expensive amp and getting a couple effects pedals or getting something with a bunch of onboard effects but compromising on sound. any feedback is greatly appreciated UG. its almost 6am so im gonna crash and check on the thread when i wake up. thanks in advance!
In my opinion the Fender Mustang iii would be perfect for you. Its $300 brand new, on ebay they can be found for $250. It has 1X12 speaker and is 100 watts so its be good for bedroom playing but also loud enough to jam with. It has multiple amp models that you can use, so not only can you cover all the styles you are looking to play and get a good sound out of this amp, you can also get an idea for the type of amp you want in the future when you upgrade. Built in tuner and effects. For the money you are looking to spend, you can't beat that amp.
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Since Einziger is one of my heroes... He used a pair of Mesa Tremoverbs for The Warmth and Echo with his PRS semihollow bodies. Then for SSLW, he started using an AC30 and Marshall Plexi with a Fender '62 Jazzmaster. Keep in mind though he has an FX board the size of Manhattan! I'm not up on all the other groups' gear but that might help a little while you're getting settled into your amp.

For the Warmth: I believe he uses a semi clean channel for most of it. The intro/verse stuff was originally recorded with one of his Boss Phasers and then he switches over to his phase 90 (which is analogue) for the chorus and it ups the gain quite a bit. There is also some delay on top of it. Pretty sure when people talk about the "Incubus Sound" this is what they're referring to.

Echo: Drop D tuning. Is all clean with a touch of reverb. He does use his phase 90 again for one of the phrases. The solo doesn't feel natural when you first play it, but he did give a quick tutorial on it. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25DIHP_pcok

SSLW: The solo starts off with his phaser, most likely the phase 90 again, and some lush reverb. He might even use some subtle delay, not slap back, just quiet. The first part is a cleaner sound probably from his AC30 and then kicks in some overdrive later on.

Listen to your friend about Behringer. Crate is not bad, but their solid state amps aren't that great. If you get on of the SS crate amps, you'll mostly be using it as a clean platform with pedals (I never liked the drive channel on those). But their tube amps aren't bad. The Palomino's and Blue Voodoo's were pretty good so I've heard. Not sure what they're going for these days though... I have also heard that they actually went bankrupt so if you need them for anything, they won't be there. Confirm?

Again I don't really know what they're going for but a small used Line6 amp (can't believe I'm suggesting it...) might be good for you if you can find it for the right price. Pretty sure you'd be looking for the Spyder. Vox has some small modeling amps too but I can't really comment on those. The Vox AC15 would def be able to get you into incubus territory and should be close to price used and will not be something to be ashamed of taking to a gig even years from now! You'd just have to have a good drive/distortion for all the other stuff you're into. And I agree^^ the Mustang isn't a bad choice either.

Hope all this helps!
Let me just say -- a great amp to consider is a Spider 150 by Line ONE. I love them!
i've played a fender mustang before and it sounded pretty nice.. also played both of the spider IV and Vox Valvetronix and they didnt sound good at all except loaded under effects. unfortunately my biggest bet would be a crate amplifier with some effects pedals because of the price. i find them super cheap on craigslist all the time. i have never had a chance to play them though as guitar center doesnt carry them. if you guys say the clean channels are good enough to put some pedals on i'll go check out some local ones.

I cant seem to find the spider 150 by line one.. all im getting are line 6 amps in search results...
Vox VT series, Fender Mustang series

Know them & love them. You'll be able to find them right in your price range. And honestly, you could probably just go to your local Guitar Center with a coupon and buy one new for your budget...

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ok but would anyone with experience with a Crate amp vouch for them? chances are its going to be a SS. if you would vouch for it, which one in specific?
right on for faith and the muse.
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Quote by Wraith1349
ok but would anyone with experience with a Crate amp vouch for them? chances are its going to be a SS. if you would vouch for it, which one in specific?

i have a blue tolexed crate blue voodoo, all tube 120watts. two power tubes pulled impedance halved. basically 60 watts. it is older, and it was a flagship IIRC. it certainly doesn't sound the best, but amps get a lot worse tone.

don't get a crate solid state unless its your only possibility.
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ok and what about Marshalls.. i havent been able to find too much on newer models except that the MG series sounds awful. thats just what i've heard. havent had a chance to play one of course. or peavey? i've heard really good things about the peavey bandit transtube. i think thats what its called at least.
The Bandit is kinda alright for a beginner amp. The stock speaker holds it back a lot I think. Surely not worth more than $150. For your musical taste I think we can do better.
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alright i'll pass on the Bandit then. would anyone here recommend any Crate combo amps?
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Let me just say -- a great amp to consider is a Spider 150 by Line ONE. I love them!

dat trool

Get a Vypyr 30 or used vypyr 75
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Quote by Wraith1349
alright i'll pass on the Bandit then. would anyone here recommend any Crate combo amps?

I'm sure someone would -- there are 10's of thousands of members on UG.

That being said, if you have another option I'd probably go that route instead...

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i've played the vypers.. they were nothing great. the vox modeling amp sounded better imo. of course the mustang was way better than the vox.