Can people please help me with what i should be looking for in a decent amp? Brand? Thinking maybe 15-20 watts personal amp. Other than distortion, reverb etc. are there any other effects that would be useful on an amp?
Thanks for the help
Any effect you want you can probably get in an amp. You'll find solid state amps have a lot of effects but there overall sound quality isn't as good as a Tube amp.
What kind of music do you play? There are hundreds of good amps, but they all suit different kinds of music. Also as far as the effects are concerned, you don't need/want them on the amp. You want an FX loop if you're gonna use other FX than reverb, since pedal effects tends to be much better, if you get a good pedal I mean.
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Your best shot is to go to an actual music store (Sam Asch, Guitar Center, Best Buy even..) and try out the amps for yourself. An online review is one thing, but actually hearing it is another.

Also, it reallly depends on what genre of music you play. Different amps are usually used for different styles. Different pedals also make a difference. If you know what you like to play, do some research on those types of guitar players (or bass players if you play bass) and what they use.
Besides the type of music you play, what is your price range?
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seriously, though, most good amps don't really have any effects built in (apart from maybe reverb or tremolo).
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