Hey people

I've been looking for a 7 string for a while on a low budget and found an Ibanez RG7321 in pretty good condition except there's apparently a problem with the wiring causing a constant buzz
The asking price is 200€ (260US$) with a bag

Or for an extra 20€ i can pick up a Schecter omen 7 also in good condition but without
the wiring problem

Is the price reasonable or should i try and get it down a bit?

7321's aren't too bad of a low budget 7 string, but I'd check the interwebs for a used RG7421/RG7621. They're basically a Japanese equivalent of the 7321, but just have a slightly different neck.

IIRC, 7321's run new for $400US, but hey, your call.
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Thanks man, i'll have a look for them.

Problem is i'm out in the French countryside so not many 7 strings around
RG7321s are really nice guitars. The stock pups are alright as Ibanez pups go. If you want a good budget 7-string, it's a nice one. With a good setup, it'll play like a dream. Heck, with a good pup swap, you can turn it into a really nice workhorse guitar. I've got a Liquifire/Crunchlab combo in mine and it does everything I need it to. For $260, it'd be a good buy, though I bet you could talk the guy down to around $220-ish (which would be something like €170, I think).