I'm Jake, a 20 year old guitar player and vocalist from Canterbury, Kent.

I play various styles, including old school metal, thrash, hard and classic rock, blues and have recently been getting into Jazz. But right now I am looking more for metal and rock musicians.

Some of my favourites bands are Megadeth (or any of the Big 4), Iron Maiden, Led Zepplin, Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple and similar.

I love riffs, soloing, song writing, improvising, singing and performing. I am self taught for most of my guitar life, but studied for 1 year at the Guitar Institute (AKA the ICMP) in London ad have gigging and event running experience.

I'd like a band to work on, write, record and perform original music, but starting out with covers is a great idea to.

If you think you may be interested just drop me a private message.

Thanks for reading,