My band shot a group video in a certain location,but we didn't brought our amplifiers because they seem to small for a video clip.(frontman 25R, vox15-25)
It happens to be that our drummer specialize in video editing and he told us that he can emulate a 3D amplifier and put it virtually in our clip, but the problem is that if we stand after the amplifier he need to cut in every frame the amplifier in a logical way, and it is a tedious job, just to throw some numbers, each frame can take up to 10 minutes, and a 3 minutes clip contains about 4500 frames... that's unseasonable 750hours of editing.
FYI, he edits in sony vegas 11,and creates a 3d model in some 3dmodeling program(3d box "wrapped" in an amplifier image)
Do you know a program\technique that can shorted the editing time?
What other suggestions do you have if we will choose to redo the shooting?


and BTY, heres a clip that is similar in concept and locations to our own project clip
wow... what a great idea... my Paypal account is "Danypoorman",be sure to send the money in shcekels cuz, the dollar are low this day, and i dont have the power to change it to the local currency

By the way, that video you posted was terribly awkward. I hope your band didn't do the cute little dance that those guys were doing.
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OP, you're a clever man with your scheme.

No honestly, it will probably be better without the amp, no-one cares if you have amps in a video or not.
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He's doing it wrong. That's why. That's now how it works, you don't need to do every frame seperately.

Say you have a 100 frame piece of clip. You can move an object from frame 1 to frame 100 in a single direction and the software will do it itself.
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so the implied question is simple,is it better to play without amps or with little ones?
you might need to know that we intend to make the clip a story focus and even when we see the band members it would be something like60-40%, were 60 would be solo shoots on distinct location(abandoned house, tank.. and other cool places), so the band shoots would be something like 40-50 seconds max.

btw, i understood that in the clip that i've sent the amp were actually a plyboard with a scanned image of the amp, but im not sure if it really is fake.

edit:AJscott, how is it logical to move the amp as the vidoe goes?
i tought that there might be a program that can recognize movement and therefor self edit the frames in the video, if someone can help on that matter it would be well appreciated.

edit2: and here our current band picture, in the location of our shooting
dont mind the amps logical Choice...
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They didn't do their research well though. There's no way that guitar sounds like it's coming through a mesa rec
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