My band shot a group video in a certain location,but we didn't brought our amplifiers because they seem to small for a video clip.(frontman 25R, vox15-25)
It happens to be that our drummer specialize in video editing and he told us that he can emulate a 3D amplifier and put it virtually in our clip, but the problem is that if we stand after the amplifier he need to cut in every frame the amplifier in a logical way, and it is a tedious job, just to throw some numbers, each frame can take up to 10 minutes, and a 3 minutes clip contains about 4500 frames... that's unseasonable 750hours of editing.
FYI, he edits in sony vegas 11,and creates a 3d model in some 3dmodeling program(3d box "wrapped" in an amplifier image)
Do you know a program\technique that can shorted the editing time?
What other suggestions do you have if we will choose to redo the shooting?


and BTY, heres a clip that is similar in concept and locations to our own project clip
Buy better amps

EDIT: In all seriousness you could just print some pictures and put them onto boxes or something. Or suck it up and not put amps in (editing them is way too much effort for that)
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you can't borrow a stack from someone else? maybe even get some speaker cabs (the cheapo ones you use for home stereos) and stack your amps on top? I wouldn't worry about this anyways... the general demographic for a music video couldnt care less about your equipment as long as you can mime a mean guitar.
here is our band picture, it's in the shooting location and it's heavily edited(3 hours...im staring to think that he edits quite slowly),just try not to understand the amp choice.