Has anyone heard/used one of these? I'm looking at the B100 and B150 and I can't find any reviews on either. I wanted to get the Acoustic B100 but these are a bit cheaper now that the Acoustic isn't on sale anymore on musiciansfriend.com. Any information on these amps would be appreciated.

4x8"s are dinky? I'm more than likely just going to end up getting the acoustic b100 when payday rolls around.
I was mainly referring to the 6.5" ones, but yeah, they're both quite small in terms of bass amplification. Not heard of them before, but they don't look fantastic. I may be wrong, but there's probably better places you could look within your budget.
I'll look into anything you throw at me. I'd like something with a good kick, something that I won't need to replace anytime soon but nothing too expensive. The acoustic b100 looks great but has no headphone jack which I would like but I'm willing to look past that fact.
4x8"s for that price... Holy crap that is not gonna be good! Also, you'd want at least 10" for a bass.
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Stumbled upon this beauty: https://www.musiciansfriend.com/bass/kustom-kxb100-100w-1x15-bass-combo-amp/h67948000001000

And with the newgear12 coupon it comes down to 212, cheaper than the acoustic. Problem is it expires on the 9th and I don't get paid til the 20th :'( Hopefully I can loan some money from parents/friends.

Edit: Crap. Due to size restrictions they're going to charge me for S&H bringing the price to 250. I could get it on stjoemusic.com for 230 but I'm not sure how reputable the site is.
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A few brands do or did 8" cabs. There's the Ampeg 408HE, The SWR Henry Jr, SWR also did a 408 combo called the Silverado. Markbass do a 408 and a 406 cab too if I'm not mistaken. MarkBass do a single 6" combo as well that is supposed to sound killer and be enough for coffee shop sized gigs.
The SWR Henry 808 is one of the coolest cabs I've ever played through, so much punch and low end. They make awesome cabs for rock.
But all those are in the mid to high price range and there's no way in shit I'd trust a cheap, unknown brand amp with that size speakers.

What are you actually going to be using this amp for? Home practice? Basement jams? Gigs?
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