I still believe truly
That she can relieve me duely .
Dayly or nightly she gets me lively
Despite insistent claims that say Those days are long behind me

I find i often saunter back to certain persons during certain seasons
Reasons being clearer then.
She arrives, with the changing of the skies
With cheap love like an expensive whore
Bombarding every warm and sticky stormy summers evenings air with perfume spores and they seem gigantic now, but im always sure i never really noticed them before.
So we always end up dropping like jaws
And grinding like hips
Diving, writhing on the grass of any balmy local park or public place of beauty when it finally gets dark.
Rolling around like it were a big green plastic shagpile carpet
Searching for just one more
Small position or piece or pose of comfort so we can relax finally
Head back scrambling and clutching and grabbing
Jaws jutting and flapping about nothing at obtuse angles to the base of skulls
Laughing like drains, laughing at any scintilla of pain until it goes away and we can, I can
breathe easy again for a brief two or three or four or maybe more hour time frame each day
Then we go our seperate ways.

I know its just a memory,
But like heavy locked storm doors blown out of their frames,
The coming of the summer rain can make me feel complete again.
--------------------i'm definitely the alphaest male here--------------------
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pretty good only really got through the first stanza. but i like it. just marking it to come back to it. kinda out of it right now
Thanks. You could very well be right there. It feels more proper than my last few pieces.
--------------------i'm definitely the alphaest male here--------------------