Hi guys

I stay in South Africa and it's a bit hard finding certain types of gear around here (like Mesa, Krank, EVH, H&K to name a few) unless you order it online.

I'm looking to upgrade my gear to the above-mentioned combo. Thing is, I need to order it online and obviously won't be able to demo it myself before buying, which is not ideal to say the least...

I've checked out plenty of videos and reviews of the mini rectifier and I think it's awesome (a bit expensive yes, but let's put that fact aside). My question relates to a matching cab - would an Orange 1x12 cab be a good match for this amp? I got offered a good deal on this cab. I'll be playing a variety of stuff on it, but with a bias towards some more heavier and chunky sounds.

Obviously having to try out the combo myself would be the ideal scenario, but given that I'll have to import this stuff, that won't be possible, hence I thought I'd ask the forum for some input on this combo.

Will it sound good? Absolutely! In all honesty an Orange cab would probably be one of your best choices for that particular head.

Also, don't worry about not being able to try it out. If you like the sound that the people on youtube get with it using crappy camera mics, then chances are you'll like the sound of it in real life when you get it.
Great! thanks for the reply

Was just uncertain about the cab since most videos I saw either played this head on a 4x12 cab or on the matching Mini-rectifier 1x12 cab (which I won't be able to get cheaply)...But from what I've read, the Mini-rectifier 1x12 cab and the Orange 1x12 cab both use Celestion V30s, so I figured there shouldn't be too much to choose between them right?

Apologies if my questions are a bit noobish, but wanted to make ultra sure I don't make a silly decision, as it's a lot of cash I'll be parting with (and not to mention a giant leap of faith I'll be making by importing the gear).
orange cabs sound good with anything. i could plug a cat into one and it would sound good!
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Go ahead and grab the Orange cab. I've actually thought about getting a combo like this myself in the future. I'd say you won't be disappointed with it!
The Mini Rec seems interesting, it has been hyped by Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman anyway. Orange cabs are solid too
Awesome. Thanks for the responses. I feel a lot more comfortable now about taking the plunge.

Can't wait to get it!
mini rec is no joke. just got mine yesterday. i was worried about el-84s. not anymore, this thing has tons of nice bass. loud and has lots of balls. im running to a 2x12 rec cab. i cant even play in modern mode at 25 watts in my apt at the lowest accepatble volume, the mini is absolutely insane. my only gripe is the disotortion, i have to play on low vulomes and like that the distortion is kind of harsh, but might be because of my unbroken in speakers is dont know, it gets better with more volume, much better, but sucks for me thinking id be able to crank a mini lol. id take the oarnge without a doubt.
I've played both 2x12 cabs Mesa and Orange. I own the Mesa Rectifier head and cabinet, but the Orange is just as good if not better. No worries at all!
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orange cabs sound good with anything. i could plug a cat into one and it would sound good!

Sigged. Maybe check out the 5150 III as well though?
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I considered the 5150 - I checked out clips and it sounded amazing! Problem is I won't be able to source it easily at all from South Africa though, so it was out of the running.
only cabs i know that are better are Emperor, Mills Acoustic, Diezel, and Mesa. The orange cab will last you, sound good and will cope with any punishment you show it for a decent price too
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So I got the Orange 112 cab last week and the Mini Rectifier is on its way.

Looking at the cab, I just saw that its 16ohm and according to the Mini Rectifier manual (which I read online), the amp has outputs for 4ohm and 8ohm. It says that using a 16ohm cab on the 8ohm output will result in a safe mismatch though.

Will I have any noticable drop in quality because of this mismatch though? I'm reading conflicting views on different forums
no, it will sound a little diffrent and the amp will not push the full 25 watts, it will be cut almost in half because of the mismatch.
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Cool, thanks for the info.

One last question - I finally received my Mini Rectifier delivered from the US yesterday. I haven't connected it yet though since I need a voltage converter to use it here. It's a US product so its 110v while we have 220v wall sockets here in South Africa.

Regarding a suitable step down converter, I'm not sure what power unit to buy. I understand that you should get one that can handle at least 1.5 times (or even 2 times) the power consumption of the unit. The mini rectifier doesn't specify the input wattage though (I checked the manual and the back of the amp).

Do you guys think a 500w voltage converter unit will be a safe enough option for this amp?

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