I emailed Guitar Center for some special order information to get some information about some mid range LTD models that they don't carry that are 7-Strings. I had gotten an email on December first after about a week and a half of waiting (after my initial email set to guitar center) that they were still waiting for ESP to send them the information (pricing etc.). All these models that I inquired about are all Standard LTD models and on their website. I don't know why GC doesn't have them, but its been well over a month and I haven't heard anything. I called them probably two or so weeks ago and they said they were still waiting on ESP, any idea how long this takes?
I've never had any luck with getting emails back on this sort of thing, unless the answer was available the same day. I'd either try to find them in stock somewhere else, or call them periodically to check in. Emails get lost and forgotten too easily.
If the guitars you are not listed on guitar center's website, you are better off looking somewhere else. GC employees vary significantly in competence and deal with hundreds of people a day. It is incredibly easy for you to be overlooked or ignored.

I would suggest looking here: http://www.espguitars.com/dealers.php

You can locate a smaller dealer that will probably be able to get you the info you want. In my experience, these smaller shops have closer relationships with their distributors and are more committed to customer service in general.

What models out of curiosity?
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FYI, when models are listed by makers but not sold in stores, it might be that the model never actually went into production. Sometimes they make a prototype and advertise it but only produce the guitars after enough orders come in. So you might end up waiting a long time.
Okay good to know that it might not be in full production. While I've been looking at some really nice schecters and ibanezes (those would need a pick up swap), I was just inquiring seeing a price to possibly order seeing how much they are.

I was basically a V-307 and an EC-407, I had asked about a few H's as well but I'm more interested in the other two and don't care about them as much. I will also look into other dealers and know one by me won't have it. I was just looking to see how much LTD's 7 strings were aside from the easy to find ones (the Stephen Carpenter models). The V is basically Nergal's Hex-7 with a set neck, non-locking tuners, a different figerboard wood, and a non-behemoth paint job.