So yeah, yesterday I got drunk while sitting alone in my small bedroom, and decided to put an older poem of mine into a song.

I'm not sure how it turned out, it has alot of imperfections (a shitload of timing and playing mistakes) but i kind of feel that those imperfections make it sound nice.

However, I'm not unbiased, so I'm asking you for your feedback.

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C4C as always, the more you write the more I write.

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with hollow words and empty lies."
Writing as I listen:
I really like the understated nature of the guitar part, although I thought it seemed a little at odds with the heavily effected vocals. They seemed to fit a bit better when the drums kicked in though. Drums sound nice, guessing they're MIDI? Personally, I wasn't too keen on the guitar solos, they would maybe have worked better for me with only one part, but that's only my opinion. Generally, I really liked the song, it has a really cool spacey vibe It could maybe benefit from being a bit shorter, but it didn't feel ridiculously long. The ending was great, I love how it kind of trailed off.
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